Hail Storm and Things you can do to help your tree

If you got hit by the hail storm, odds are your trees suffered quiet a blow.  Now is the time to fertilize these trees.  They lost the food producer for the tree (the leaves) and a fertilizer is a great way to supplement the tree…think of it as a vitamin for the tree.  Not only did the tree suffer the loss of leaves, but many trees have broken branches.

These broken branches are doing your tree any good.  In fact, they may a liability to you the property owner.  Removing these broken limbs will give the tree opportunity to re-sprout in more timely fashion.  Faster regrowth means it will produce leaves faster, which in turn give you a healthier tree.  They are already stressed enough with the drought.  Give them a helping hand with a good deep root fertilization.  Contact us today!

Horseshoe Bay Tree Care acquired by Certified Arbor Care

Horseshoe Bay Tree Care was founded by Jason Watson in 2007.  In October of 2010 Jason sold the company to Lee Evans  (owner of Certified Arbor Care).  Jason and Lee met during college at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Over the years Lee has tried to get Jason to join his staff, but Jason liked the independence of running his own business.  Last year due to medical issues in the family Jason decided to move closer to home and approached Lee about taking over the company.

Certified Arbor Care has 16 employees in Round Rock, Austin, and Liberty Hill.  They are small enough to give you the personal care you expect, yet large enough to carry out any project no matter the size.  They are employed by several state agencies, most of the commercial landscapers, and several commercial real estate companies in Austin.  Please visit www.certifiedarbor.com to learn more about the team and our services.

Joining Horseshoe Bay Tree Care and Certified Arbor Care has been a fun adventure.  We have been able to help clients with lake properties at the primary residences in Austin and have found Austin-area clients needing our services at the lake.  We look forward to earning your business!